Krabi Weather and Climate

Krabi has a tropical monsoon climate. It's warm all year round however the months from March to April are the hottest of all. At this time the temperature is around 83° F to 93° F (30° C to 34° C). Thai New Year starts on April 13th and runs for several days. At this time everyone sprinkles or throws cool water on each other. Do not be surprised if you get very wet on that day. There are also frequent short heavy thundery showers, offering a welcome relief from the temperature and humidity.

The wettest period is between September-October, with a temperature of between 27°-29° C. Regardless of this being the rainy season we still get long intervals of sunshine between the heavy showers. Anyway, plenty of activities, both water and land-based, still offer themselves in Krabi during this wettest time of the year.

The best time to visit Krabi is during the cool season, from November though March, when it isn't so humid, and the cool sea breezes keep things comfortable. The average temperature is around 78° F to 85° F (27° C to 29° C).

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