Krabi is one of the most attractive provinces in Thailand!

About krabiIt is to the South of Phuket province and south east of Phang-nga province, covering an area of 4,708 sq. km. Krabi is rich in forests, marine life and minerals, as well as many interesting unspoiled tourist attractions. Krabi is an ideal place for nature lovers.

One of Krabi’s most famous places is Susan Hoi (Shell Cemetery Beach) at Bam Laem Pho Cape, 17km southwest of the Krabi town center. Here are millions of petrified seashells, some 75 million years old, formed into rock slabs along the beach. There is a large Chinese temple near the Shell Cemetery, which welcomes tourists who wish to visit and want to try for a lucky wish. Tourists can enjoy many different " Day trips " to all sorts of places or enjoy the "Sight seeing" with a guide if one is needed.

Krabi's National Park known as Khao Panom Bencha is the only terrestrial National Park. Krabi's evergreen forests, wildlife, watershed and mountainous topography are as yet undisturbed by heavy tourism. You can also be in touch with nature by visiting mangrove forests and caves by "kayak or canoe".

Krabi has dramatic mountain landscapes which are strange to most peoples eyes because they are, formed by eroded limestone! These beautiful cliffs and have become popular to the "Rock and Cliff climbing fraternity" around the world.

Krabi has many beautiful beaches. Haad Noppharat Thara, is part of the Ko Phi Phi national park even though it is on the mainland. This beach is popular with those who prefer swimming and sunbathing in tranquil surroundings.

Krabi's clear green water is great for Fishing, Scuba Diving and snorkeling. Enjoy the breath taking scenery around these beautiful islands. The most popular attractions are Hong Island, Yung Island, Rok Island, Ngai Island, Kai Island, Tap Island, Mor Island and Poda Island.

Enjoy "A Long tail boat" for a short trip to the beautiful caves and sea from Ao Pra Nang to Riley. Rent your own Power or Sailing Yacht for private activities or enjoy our cruise to Phang-nga bay or Phi Phi Island.

After long day of enjoyment, relax at "the Spa" to bring you back to life. If you prefer a night out on the town our tour guide will take you for an unforgettable "dinner out" in a beautiful atmosphere with a variety of seafood and local dishes to choose from.
About krabi



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